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Hitler and Lenin playing chess

I am a teacher of literature, Portuguese and English, I teach these subjects in a state school in the state of Rio Grande do Sul . I contacted chess in my house, through my oldest son, who had learned from cousins. There was such a radical transformation in him, he became so rare, so special, I attributed this change to the game and from then on I started to  respect this sport, that so different from myself, uses mathematics and language as an instrument of science, technique and organized thinking.
The oldest son taught the younger and the two were playing chess, and this also turned to my eyes. I felt proud to see my two children involved in an activity that I guessed to be noble, for reading that chess is culture, a playful activity of ancient origin and terminating a body of knowledge and experiences that constitute humanity's cultural heritage. So  Isearched and did a project for my school based on claims that chess encourages the development of cognitive abilities such as attention, memory, logical reasoning, intelligence, imagination, fundamental skills in the future development of the individual and also stimulates the self-esteem, healthy competition and teamwork. Chess could still be used as a structural element of the students' free time and to give pleasure in their study and practice, was a noble game of clear and specific rules, played between gentlemen, and most importantly, dictated an ethical agenda and the school is a moment for the acquisition of values ​​live. Because of its many virtues, chess, contributing to the formation of good citizens was perfect to be placed in our school (and all others).
My two sons have taught me chess, my project was approved and now I have a chess room at school, where there are seven tables and trays, and students play chess in an afternoon by semana.E I also teach and play chess with my daughter!
This was an introduction to explain that I came across a photo that made
​​me very surprised.

Hitler was still young (although not 20 seem to have the design that would have been done by the art teacher of the German dictator, the Jewish Emma Lowenstramm,) playing chess with Lenin in Vienna in 1909. At the time, Hitler worked as an artist in the Austrian town, while Lenin lived in exile. On the back is the signature of both. Experts question the authenticity of the work, especially the presence of Lenin. In 1909. Around the same time, Lenin was wandering around Europe, after being exiled. The historian Helen Rappaport, author of a book about the period when Lenin was in exile, considers the image of a fruit of imagination. "In 1909, Lenin was in France and there is no evidence that he has been in Vienna. In addition, since 1894 Lenin was bald, with hair in just one side of the head. "
A psychological profile done in 1943 and released by a New York University, examines Adolf Hitler as a human being spiteful, that does not tolerate criticism and had a tendency to belittle people and seek revenge, it was unable to take a joke and a criminal compulsive who showed perseverance in the face of defeat and had a great stubbornness and self-confidence and was possessed of a large female component in its constitution, and he had many weaknesses, I had never done crafts (painting Adolf Hitler, a fact that contradicts the work of the psychiatrist and shows that there is controversy at all) or played sports and was a soldier "unpleasantly meek​​." Sexually, Hitler as a masochist passive and characterized by his repressed homosexuality and could have committed crimes due in part to the neglect of his own weaknesses and as revenge for the abuses suffered during his childhood, but lived for years with Eva Braun and though say that she went through some humiliating moments, and that Adolf Hitler said in his forward that "an extraordinarily intelligent man had to have a primitive and stupid woman", she followed up in the Führerbunker where, when, on 29 April they married in 1945 and Eva was so excited that, in time to sign the marriage certificate, she forgot and started "Eva B. ..", then correcting for "Frau Eva Hitler." It shows that she was nervous, perhaps excited, perhaps happy!
  Whatever the form of love between them lasted for years, until his death. Then he wanted a human companion at your side, he  valued  some human life ...
Considering this and that Adolf Hitler liked to paint, we have a highly controversial personality. As incredible as it may seem, Adolf Hitler, responsible for millions of deaths, was an artist who ventured into almost all areas of the design: the architecture (buildings, city planning), the cartoons, portraits, nudes, furniture and until, landscapes, flowers and dogs. It is claimed that Hitler painted around one thousand watercolors.

Without discussing the merits of his work, who would become the supreme leader of the Nazis was an artist who lived art good period of his life.

In 1907, Hitler ran for the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. He failed and the search for explanation, informed him that he lacked talent for painting, especially the scant appreciation of the human form.
Besides being a painter and a student of fine arts, architecture, sculpture, music and painting, Hitler had a passion for opera, especially Wagner. An admirer of the art of representation and voracious reader.

Unexpectedly, even though these passions, the character of Hitler was an enigma. The man was a mosaic, a controversial figure. When I come across this photo: Hitler also a chess expert, I am even more intrigued. How can a chess player, a game that requires so many qualities that contribute to that man acquire so many skills, including ethics, has become the leader of Nazi Germany, the Führer? What unknown! The life of Adolf Hitler corroborates the claim that we have never known a human being, or what he is capable  of doing and  under multiple identities assumed in every circumstance of daily life, we are all unknown  until our ethical, professional and democratic   be tested in extreme situations.

"The match-1909 Vienna
Hitler and Lenin playing chess "

I draw attention to the fact that I have painted  on the screen "from Vienna-1909," another screen  of mine
  "The Book of Chess", which is the link http://dorishssg.blogspot.com/2011/12/mais-telas-com-o-tema-xadrez-chess-on.html
What I wanted  when I painted  my painting  was to put a little color on the screen, showing that in the same space can be good and evil, light and dark, purity and cunning, defeat and victory, black and white ...

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