terça-feira, 5 de março de 2013

The act of painting


       Georges Braque said: "For me the act of painting is always more important than the painted thing.~ I must agree with him, the act of painting is amazing. There are many reasons to lead you in learning to paint. Painting is a pleasurable hobby and in many times, psychiatrists or psychologists can prescribe it to people with some kind of trouble. It can bring peace or being a way to get organized thoughts in the meantime of the painting. As well   children that have some disorders like  inattentiveness or problems with  fine motor coordination, can be helped by painting . During the meantime of painting it is impossible not being focused at  the task ahead or, at the same time, not trying  to make it in the best way, obtaining a great concentration. Knowing how to paint will help.

             What would you  like to see  painted by yourself? First of all, you have to choose what you would like to paint, it must be an image that touches you and has to have something of you in it. Of course, you may paint some pictures  that someone has chosen and has asked you to paint; then you have to love this person or the painting will not be so good. You should have some attachment with your painting because it will come to you easily. Assuming that you have already chosen  the image you must have in front of you a canvas and a piece of charcoal. It is not necessary to draw all the lines carefully or making all details, but just a few lines to mark the place you want to paint, traces to highlight where it will be filled with color.
  Pablo Picasso once said: “Why do two colors, put one next to the other, sing? Can you really explain that? Yes,they can fell in love to each other immediately, like human beings. but  colors can fight with the others, can you believe or not.  Color have personality and may be chosen according your personality, what colors you like the most; if you are a strong person you may prefer hot colors, like yellow or red and the variety of ranges between them; instead, if you are cheerful or an easy-going person you may prefer the white, tones of grey or blue and greens. You must choose the color you prefer. When you have been painting for many years it comes to you without thinking about, but if you are going to start, choose it carefully. You can do researches about complimentary colors. At the same time you are painting you should take care of the layers of ink. Do not make it too thick and do not put too  much  paint ink at the brushes because in paintings, less is more. Choose carefully your brushes. It depends on what you are going to paint. Delicate paints demand delicate brushes. On the contrary, choose bigger ones. Never put a pure color; try to moisture with other color, achieving a new color or new colors. For example, mix  two or three types of green to make trees, or blue to make skies, and white and grey to make clouds ,(never forgetting  to join a little purple  and yellow near it, the clouds will be more realistic). Start the painting with the darkest colors, then illuminate it little by little, putting white or a lightening color. You must start your from “inside” to “outside”. The image should be coming from the back of the canvas, like it “were leaving it”, being ready. Never make strong lines, everything must be mixed, involved  by a mist.

              The act of painting, the ink and the painting itself can push you into the canvas, during the time you are painting.  Do not be scared if you lose the notion of time, forget to eat or some scheduled appointment, because painting is just like that. You enter in a wonderful world, fulfilled with landscapes, colors and dreams, after that the real world can change, too, into a better place to live.
Dóris Helena Soares da Silva Giacomolli
March 05,2013

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